If a person isn’t at peace with themselves, they can surround themselves with all kinds of demons and shadows. These demons might not manifest as great horned beasts with frightful faces but they do manifest as insecurities and above all, regret. Sometimes these demons are so cumbersome and frightening that it’s not enough to just seek counselling to better your mental health anymore – you need to find inner peace.

In the past you may have done a certain number of things that you didn’t think much about at the time but now the weight of all the people you’ve wronged and all the lies you’ve told can come crashing down on you, crushing your spirit and making you hate yourself. You know that these things can’t be undone now, which leaves you stuck with your demons with no way out of your regret.

The wrong you’ve done won’t go away and you know this very well; if it were possible you’d want to apologise and make amends for all the pain you’ve caused others who meant you know harm but you simply can’t. To move past your regrets, you need to accept them and make yourself a better person. This may not make amends to those you’ve wronged but in the long run, if there are more people out there who you’ve been good to, you can start loving yourself again. After reading accounts of regret and self-loathing from Jay Depoy, you’ll start seeing a light ahead of you. It really helps to hear about regrets that are similar to your own from another person and how they overcame them and felt close to God again. In the end, you have to forgive yourself and make amends to yourself before others and the rest will follow – you will love yourself again.

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