You have probably already heard about meal replacement shakes or maybe you have even used them but have you ever wondered whether they truly deliver on their promise and are completely healthy? There is no doubt that meal replacement shakes are the easiest substitute for a whole meal because in order to prepare it, you just have to make a shake and you are done but that does not mean that they are right for the body.

There are very less companies like Health To Wealth New Zealand that manufacture meal replacement shakes that have true positive reviews but even with the good reviews, we would suggest that you do your research properly before you get into it. Let us move on and tell you why the common commercial meal replacement shakes are bad.

Amount of Sugar

It is no secret that the commonly available meal replacement shakes have high amount of sugar which completely negates the manufacturer’s promise about the shake correcting the health of the user because sugar of any kind in high amounts is extremely dangerous to health and you should remember that no matter what the brand promises you.

Synthetic Nutrition

Almost all brands that manufacture and sell these meal replacement shakes promote that they have added in the right amount of nutrition but that is mostly a lie. Moreover, the nutrition that is in the shake is all synthetic which means that it is not natural. Hence, the nutrition provided by the shake is not that healthy for the body of the user.

Promise of Weight Loss

You need to remember that there are very rare brands who manufacture shakes that can actually have a healthy impact on your weight which means that most would not help you reduce your weight.

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