Of the things in life that are guaranteed, having a minor accident of some sort while driving is always going to be one of them. Accidents happen, regardless of how much you try to avoid them. Sometimes they are stupid mistakes on your part, sometimes you have done everything perfectly but they still happened for one reason or another. Point is you have to be ready for them to happen and have a way to get things fixed if your car has gotten some damage. In many cases, the exact point of impact will be the windshield, or it will be close enough to get damaged in some way. What you need to know is when you should try and get the windshield replaced, and when you should opt to repair it instead.

According to the expert at ARCO Auto Glass, there are 4 basic things you need to consider before deciding whether the windshield can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. Those 4 things are the size of the chips or cracks. The depths of the chips or cracks, whether the cracks or chips have made it through more than one layer of the triple layer wind shield, are an important factor. The location of the cracks on the windshield, some areas are not as dangerous as other when they are cracked.

And finally whether the chips or cracks have reached a place that obstructs the drivers view of either the road or of the sensors such as rain sensors or automatic raking systems. Once you figure these things out it becomes quite easy to know if you should get your windshield replaced or if a few repairs will do. Make sure the repairs don’t obstruct views or the wind shield isn’t weakened and it should be fine.

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