Scaffoldings. We all see them on our daily commutes but we never pay much attention to them; partly because there’s really nothing too special about a bunch of bars and planks set up somewhere to help workers do their job on buildings and the like, and partly because they’re kind of unsightly and no one wants to look at them for too long. However, scaffoldings can actually be put to good use while they’re still there – advertisement.

Even though they are temporary, scaffoldings are still tall structures that can be utilised to put up scaffold banners while the work is being done. Even after the work’s been done and the scaffolds have been removed, these banners can still be kept till the next time they can be used. Some companies actually pay a lot of money to those responsible for scaffolds to allow them to put up their banners. Here are some ways scaffold banners can be used.

To Let Everyone Know What’s Going On

If the establishment that’s being worked on is a popular one, it’s a good idea to use scaffold banners to let everyone know what work is being done and till when the pace is closed for work – after all, it’s common courtesy to put up an apologetic sign right?

Here’s Your Chance to Advertise Yourself

When onlookers see a place under construction, they assume that the place might be shutting down and because of this, you might lose business. You can use your scaffolds to put up banners promoting your business to let people know what your business isn’t going anywhere just yet.

Make Money

By putting up scaffold banners from other companies on your scaffoldings, you can earn a lot of money while there’s work being done on your own establishment – two birds with one stone.

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