You know how almost every public building out there has no smoking signs put up in every corner? As a smoker, it can come across as a bit of a bummer to have to locate a smoking area every time you need to light one up. But the truth is that these signs are up for a very good reason, they’re not only for non-smokers – they’re for your good as well.

Smoking is dangerous but the smoke that you get out of your cigarette is still relatively safer than what you expel into the environment when you’re smoking. We’ve all been told this in elementary science class but here’s a review; passive smoke contains a higher amount of tar than the smoke that comes out of a cigarette filter for obvious reasons. That said, as a smoker, it’s your responsibility to not only pay attention to the no smoking signs but to also make sure that at any time, the people around you aren’t exposed to your passive smoke.

The most immediate concern you have if for your family members. Obviously, you have a smoking zone for yourself at home but your smoke can get into the living spaces where your family sits and they might be inhaling it – if they can smell it, it’s still effecting them even if it’s an hour after you smoked. So how do you help this kind of a situation? You get a good purifier to get rid of smoke.

In the end, any kind of smoke can be reduced to particles in the air that can be filtered out – if your cigarette filter can catch all that tar, then an air purifier can do so as well. Getting a good purifier to get rid of smoke will keep the air in your home fresher even when you aren’t smoking.

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