Smoke alarms are devices that deserve to be recognized as lifesavers because they have saved a lot of lives. In many countries, it is a law to have smoke alarms installed in every house. While that might sound absurd, it has been reported that disastrous incidents caused by fires have decreased and it gives firefighters a beter chance to save the victims of the fire .

There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that if you require to get the smoke detector installed, you would benefit from hiring Just-In Time Electrical Brisbane. We would strongly advise you against installing the detector on your own because the installation of a smoke detector requires skill and the right tools.

If you have no information about where smoke detectors go then we have compiled a list of tips that will help you in the matter. It will help you understand the work that the electrician is doing and it would help you communicate with the individual.

  • It is mandatory to install a smoke detector in every room in you house when someone sleeps as that is a sensitive area.
  • It is recommended to get smoke alarm outside each sleeping room just as an added precaution which often saves lives.
  • A smoke alarm would definitely be installed near the kitchen or any place that has fire around it. It would minimize the risk of a fire which is the main purpose.
  • Smoke alarms are usually installed on high placed like high up the wall.
  • They should not be installed near a window or a duct as it would affect the workings of the detector.
  • You might have noticed in your life that smoke detectors are often installed near stairways as it is a strategic place.
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