We cannot help but be attracted to people that have perfectly symmetrical and white teeth because it considered to be something beautiful in our culture and we all know that. This is also why we unconsciously prefer people with “attractive” teeth over someone with unattractive teeth, especially for jobs and romantic interests. If we go through social media, we will see numerous celebrities promoting different home teeth whitening kids and talking about how it gives the best results, and our pharmacies have them and they can also be easily accessed online. However, whether or not they are as effective as professional teeth whitening is still debatable.

Home teeth whitening kits are not as effective, especially in the first go, plus their chances of removing teeth discoloration causes by nicotine or caffeine stains is very low, so they do not do as good a job. They are quick, efficient and cheap even, however, their results are not worth it.

Professional teeth whitening involves an experienced dentist in Centurion looking over your case, understanding the cause of your discoloration and then devising a treatment plan that will work for it. For instance, some people have discoloration due to the buildup of plaque, so they need to get scaling done before they can get a teeth whitening treatment done. Similarly, someone who has discoloration due to specific stains on their teeth, then they will have to get a laser teeth whitening treatment done. So, each person gets a unique treatment plan and they start noticing results instantly compared to home teeth whitening kits. This is why it is recommended to avoid going through the hassle of home teeth whitening tools an kits and to just go to a professional and have them take care of for you.

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