Backpacking or hiking trips are an adventure that are only fun if you have all the essential items you need, if you forget even a single important item, it could really dampen up the mood. So the next time you are planning a trip with your friends and family, make sure you are well prepared. In case you want to be super organized, we’d suggest that you make a checklist and cross each item off as you go, you will find this to be very convenient and hassle free way of packing.

Since backpacking requires a ton of things, you have to make sure your backpack can fit everything in which why most people especially buy best hiking backpack for such times so that they can carry everything in one place. Having too many items to carry can be a major pain in the neck and you do not want something that will be too heavy either. With that being said, following are some of the essential items that you should carry around while going on a camping trip, check them out below.


While camping out in the great outdoors, you have to make sure that you have some source of light. Campfire is put out right near bedtime so that nothing around you catches on fire, and for the sake of safety. Traveling deeper into the woods or setting up a guard watch at night requires adequate source of light and travel torches are the best way to go about it.

Foldable Tents

Another item that you should be able to fit right into your backpack is the foldable tent. Make sure that you know how to fold and unfold it before you go on the trip or else you will have a difficult time.

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