Tuft & Needle and Leesa are two huge online companies that sell mattresses and both claim to be the best so we are here to dissect each which will help you decide which mattress you want to purchase. We will try to do justice to each by describing the main points of each company’s mattresses that are a concern for the buyer.

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Tuft & Needle

We will start by talking about the construction of the mattress produced by the company because that is the first point that the buyers look into. It is said that these mattresses are constructed well and the best thing about them is that the company can custom design a mattress for a client if he/she has specific needs and ideas in mind. The foundation of the mattress is of 7 inches and is made up of support foam while the top part is of 3 inches of poly foam. The outer part or the cover of the mattress is designed to be simple white so that it reflects a minimalistic beauty. The mattress is said to be firm for all kinds of users which is good for the body.


The mattress is famous because it has different layers of material that makes the construction special and adds layers of comfort for the user. The 3 layers are Avena, memory foam and support foam and provide coolong properties, comfort and relief and foundation to the whole of the mattress. The design of the mattress contains a touch of pattern which intensifies its attraction. The mattress is soft and provides a certain bounce to the sleeper.

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