If you are currently skimming through interior design catalogs, you will find that there are currently a few trends that are quite popular amongst people. The first one being a modern contemporary look which feature minimalist looks with sleek finishes, and then on the other end, you will find that rustic looks are also in trend. A rustic theme is all about open space and simplicity in terms of design. You will find big pieces of wood being used, natural colors and designs of the wood being shown and the overall result is rooms that look very warm and natural, and welcoming.

If you are currently looking to turn your bedroom a little more rustic, you can easily find a rustic bedroom set available for your liking in different stores. However, if you really want to take it a step further, you can choose to get your bed custom made for an even more unique finish.

The best type of rustic furniture is one that is the simplest because rustic furniture is all about simplicity and being organic. So, wooden furniture that is of warm tones and clearly shows the natural knots and design of the wood, along with the curves and work put in by the craftsmen counts as good rustic furniture. So, it is all about achieving a natural, simple and open look.

You can choose to create a clash between two designs by incorporating some modern elements around your room as well. This might seem difficult but it can be done as long as you do it correctly. So, incorporating brass or copper lamps and a few choice pieces like that throughout different parts of the room can even help you tie into a modern rustic feel and make your room look even more unique.

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