The Mother of Modern Day Female Rappers

The criteria for a notable rapper or any notable star requires one to have a decorated and long lasting career with your name being remembered by generations to come. Roxanne Shante is a female rapper whose career died out in her mid-20s, this would make one think that she was probably one of those dime a dozen rappers that come and go on a daily basis. However, Roxanne’s career might have been short, but without her, there would have been no Iggy, no Nicki Minaj and probably no other famous female rapper out there. Shante’s was effectively the first female super star in the rap industry and her work was what paved the path for more female rappers in the future.

Roxanne started out in 1984 when she became the first female member of a DJ and MC crew in Queensbridge, Roxanne was only 14 years old at that time. This 10 person crew was known as the Juice Crew and did not see much success, in fact the group even faced a bit of ridicule from UTFO when they released their Radio hit called “Roxanne Roxanne”. It was at this moment that Roxanne Shante (formerly Lolita Shante) decided to change her name and release “Roxanne’s Revenge”, a diss track in which she jabbed every member of the UTFO. This track became a massive success and sold 250,000 copies in New York.

Even after this hit, Roxanne had to put up with an ample amount dissing from various other rappers in the industry, the constant slew of diss tracks being produced by Roxanne and other rappers resulted in what was known as the “Roxanne Wars”. These wars even ended up producing a track that ended up as the 11th highest hit in the United Kingdom.

Roxanne had to deal with troubles such as not being taken seriously as a rapper since she was the first female to dominate the industry, however, she still managed to produce music, but only for a short while. Roxanne disappeared from the rap scene once she was 25 years old, however her efforts lived on and eventually led to more women being inspired to take part in the rap scene. Netflix has recently decided on producing a dramatization of Shante’s struggles in the rap industry in “Roxanne Roxanne” to commemorate all that she has done for female rappers.

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