The rapping industry is a really oversaturated one, new rappers come and go quite frequently, resulting in making a name for yourself in this industry becoming increasingly difficult. As Big Sean sees it; not having your potential noted is hard and something that many rappers have to go through, all you can do is keep on going until someone finally notices you. Big Sean is a rapper who always had the attitude of a “Top 5” rapper, even when no one knew about him, and his confidence and drive eventually helped him carve a spot for himself in the rapping industry.

Big Sean is now a highly prolific rapper who has landed a number of noteworthy collaborations, fashion deals, singles and albums in the top charts and more. Throughout his career, there have been several crucial moments that gave him the boost that he needed to reach his current position, let’s take a look at all of his biggest moments.

Big Sean started his rapping practice by taking part in weekly freestyle battles that a local Detroit Station held every Friday, his career as a rapper started in 2005 when he had a found out that Kanye West was making an appearance at a local radio station. Big Sean managed to get a hold of West and had an impromptu freestyle interview in which he managed to impress Kanye West.

West contacted him after two years in 2007 to give him a spot in his G.O.O.D Music Label, Big Sean sacrificed a scholarship for the Michigan State University in order to pursue his career in rap after this signing. After this signing, Big Sean first debut took place in 2011 with his first single “My Last” that featured Chris Brown. Despite the fact that some called his single “too commercial”, it helped him secure the 30th spot on the Hot 100 and gave him enough fame to eventually release “Dance (A$$)” with Nicki Minaj.

His work with Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj was not the only big thing that happened to him in 2011, he got the opportunity to work with Jay-Z, Kanye West, Hov and Yeezy in “Clique”. Then in 2012, Big Sean decided to make a name for himself in the pop industry by working with Justin Bieber; the pop prince and the self-proclaimed underdog produced “As Long as You Love Me” that landed the 6th spot on the Hot 100; earning Big Sean his highest score on the chart up till now. His work with Bieber also gave Big Sean some help with transitioning into a more serious kind of rap style that he released in his third album.

The number of big moments that Big Sean has had a chance to enjoy are simply way too much, this talented and successful rapper has released a lot of promising material and has an even more promising career, his latest big hit being in the fashion industry where he struck a deal with PUMA in 2018.

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