How did I find out about this album?

I first found out about PVRIS when their song “My House” was used in the 2015 Warped Tour Compilation Album. The song had a very nice rock vibe to it, and I fell in love with their music. I asked if we could play their music on the radio station I work at, however, we found out about some of their lifestyle choices and the lyrics and they backed out. I, however, continued to listen to the band and bought their albums. I have been waiting for this album since they teased “Heaven” back in April

Opening statements | What did I think of the album

I enjoyed the album, it has a different style from White Noise that stands out. PVRIS review took a more electronic rock style on this album and focused more on loss and deeper meanings to their lyrics. It’s not as heavy as their previous album, but I still enjoyed it a lot

How many times have I listened to this album?

I can’t remember exactly how many times, but it has been more than 5

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